Deadpool Review

Guys, it is seriously a great time to be alive and be part of the “nerd community” (you know what I mean). Super hero movies are coming out left and right, we got an annual Star Wars thing going, there are TV series, we’re just being spoiled right now. This euphoric spirit stems from me being fresh out the movie theater, after watching Deadpool. Because not only is the quantity of “nerdy” entertainment impressive, with movies like Deadpool, the quality is also excellent.
Even though the Dealpool comics are rather popular, I can imagine them being an acquired taste. They are, somewhat, out there and the main character is pretty much a loony toon, a badass, but still a loony toon. Luckily, the movie does not deviate from this formula too much. Deadpool is still a brutal, wisecracking, fourth wall breaking, cursing mofo. The only thing that’s different from the comics is that they chose to downplay Deadpool his insanity and they left out the voices in his head.

Regardless, the movie still works. A much bigger misstep would have been toning down the violence and the foul language. This is something that I pretty much expected. But I can tell you right now, that this is probably the bloodiest movie with a Marvel character in it. It’s great that Fox did not try to make this a family friendly picture, that would have been extremely out of character for Deadpool. This movie is pretty uncompromising in the violence, foul language and graphic imagery department.  Another subtle detail that earns Fox some street cred, is all the self-mockery that is weaved throughout the film.
Speaking of mockery; Ryan Reynolds is the perfect actor to portray Wade Wilson. He is effortlessly funny, bordering on being annoying. Just the way it should be. All-around, the humor in this film is very well delivered. With a character such as Deadpool, jokes with a juvenile nature could have crept in really easy. I think it is a great job, on the writers part, to avoid this from happening. Another compliment is in order for the non-chronologic storytelling. When done wrong, this can get quite confusing. In this case, it is executed perfectly.

Now that we’re on the subject of storytelling, the movie does slow down in the middle. But this is just noticeable, because the rest of the movie is so awesome. Some of the fault for this slowdown, lies with the attempt to cram in too much of the origin story.
To get all the critique out the way in one go; I did not really like the main antagonist. He was somewhat lame and unimaginative.
But let’s go right back to praising this great movie. Visually it is very appealing. The film looks gritty and very much grounded in reality. With any movie that involves CGI, I’m always afraid of finding a “sterile” look to it. Luckily, this is not the case for Deadpool. The suit and the mask look perfect. I could not have imagined it working any better in my head. The mask and the eyes deserve special praise. There is obviously some CGI involved there, but it’s very subtle and it looks all so real. Another great use of CGI is that we finally have a badass looking, live action Colossus. This is how I have been imagining him since the first X-Men movie was announced. In this movie Colossus is just so so cool, I’m really happy that he gets plenty of screen time.
Obviously Deadpool delivers some great action scenes. These scenes are humorlessly narrated by Deadpool himself, making it appear as if he is more occupied with what’s going on in his head, than with his adversaries. All action is nicely choreographed and dynamically captured.
The final bit of praise goes to all the easter eggs that this movie is chock full of. There is truly a great amount of fan service here.

In closing; it’s hard not to recommending the Deadpool movie. Whether you are a casual movie enthusiast, or a diehard comic nerd, you will love Deadpool regardless. No previous knowledge about the character is required, which is a sign of good storytelling. Subtle use of CGI makes this film beautiful to look at and the overall coolness puts Deadpool in my all-time favorite Marvel movies top 3. You need to see this.

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2 Responses to Deadpool Review

  1. boudewijndanser says:

    Haven’t read the comics, but loved the trailers.
    Nice to see some big company have the balls to go R-rated.
    As part of the nerd community and after reading your review, I need to see this! 😉

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