James Bond Spectre Review

James Bond is another one of those franchises that you get introduced to by your father. And it’s somehow a very powerful notion that something that my father enjoyed 25 years ago, I enjoy today. Maybe this is why the James Bond character has any resonance with me at all. So what about Spectre, is this something that your father would watch?
The opening scene of this movie takes place during the day of the dead, in Mexico. This whole sequence is just beautiful. From the costumes, to the cinematography, to the music, it’s all a treat to take in. The mask that Bond is wearing, is just badass. And speaking of nice wardrobe; this movie is full of stylishly dressed people. Now, I’m absolutely, in no way, interested in fashion, but it is presented in such a way, that I was impressed with how good the characters in this movie look. James Bond looks sharp and sexy as hell all of the time. And I don’t mean only his suits, even his casual outfits make you take notice. During the course of the movie I kept thinking that Daniel Craig is the embodiment of the saying; “Women want to be with him, men want to be him.”
I’m happy to report that the women in this movie are beautiful as well. Again, the styling is just top notch. I do have to say that the Bond-girls are kind of meh… Moneypenny for the win! Personal taste and preference, I know. Speaking of the Bond-girls, this is where my first critique of the movie comes in. There are just way too many love interests. I understand and appreciate the fact that Bond is a ladies man, but this movie really takes it to an obnoxious and almost funny level. Bond has “relations” with every female character he meets during the film. But aside from rolling your eyes a couple of times, this is just a minor gripe.

Spectre is chockfull of great actors, and by great, I mean that everybody is fun to watch and contributes something to the whole. Especially the main henchman, the giant played by Dave Bautista. He’s perfect! All the action sequences are done in a very spectacular way, but the ones that feature Bautista, are that much better.

This movie also boasts some very diverse and impressive scenery. The feeling of a globe spanning adventure is perfectly conveyed. Most of the sets and environments are really notable. I can’t stress this enough, visually, this movie was very appealing. And while we’re on that subject; the opening credits visuals are awesome. Accompanied by a Sam Smith song, they are just a work of art.

Unfortunately, it’s not all roses. Spectre is super long! I’ve read somewhere that this is the longest Bond movie to date. And it shows. After an hour and a half Bond overstays his welcome. The movie goes from a fun and entertaining ride, to a boring and confusing mess. To illustrate this; my friend that I went to see the movie with, fell asleep twice! I really don’t understand why the film had to be drawn-out so much. It adds nothing to the story and just makes the third act a complete mess. I lost sight of who is chasing who and for what purpose.

But the biggest gripe I have with this movie is that Christoph Waltz is used so little. This man is an amazing actor and, as the villain, he could have easily carried this movie to the next level. Had he been given more screen time, he could have become a classic, Jaws-status, Bond villain. But alas, we only get to see glimpses of his brilliance and his end goal as the villain is kind of shallow and played out. I feel that the blame for this lies solely with the direction of this movie.

In closing; Spectre starts out as a spectacular and fun ride. But by overstaying its welcome, it simmers out in a boring and sloppy mess. Still, I recommend seeing it, even though it’s just for the visuals and the first half of the movie. And Moneypenny.

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2 Responses to James Bond Spectre Review

  1. boudewijndanser says:

    It looked awesome and had a great cast, but that wasn’t enough for me… It felt empty / I was bored at times.
    Mr. Craig is still my favorite bond though.

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