Play Arts Kai Halo Reach Kat Review

Even though Halo Reach is somewhat of a touching game about courage, personally, I have no emotional attachment to the Halo franchise. I do however really like the design side of it. I think that the Spartan armors look beautiful, especially the helmets. The weapons are cool too. This is the only reason why I enjoy playing the Halo games.
So, if you’re lukewarm about the actual videogame, but you love the look of the protagonists, what do you do? Exactly, action figures!
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Image and video hosting by TinyPicPackaging
The figure comes in a standard window box packaging. It all looks nice, but I’m not sure how I feel about the splatter that goes across the window. It looks cool, but it also impedes the view of the figure. The packaging is made out of high quality cardboard, and I love the silver spot/foil print. The rest of the box is pretty simple, there’s not too much artwork, just some poses on the back. The inside of the box has a nice blue color. While opening the figure, it feels like it has been packaged with great care. I like that. The best thing about this packaging is that, like all PAK boxes, it’s collector friendly. You can put the figure back inside for storage or in-box display.

The Figure
After opening the box, I’m welcomed with a nice smell. That’s half the enjoyment right thereImage and video hosting by TinyPicThe sculpting on Kat is just awesome, I especially love the sculpt of the helmet. However it does feel that the figure has less sculpted detail from the waist down. Which is odd, since Kat has enough armor on her legs to make it look intricate. All the nice sculpting is highlighted by a nice paintjob. The paint does suffer from some chip damage here and there. This kind of sucks, since Play Arts Kai is supposed to produce high end figures. My first Kat figure had a big chip damage spot right on the visor where paint was missing. Square Enix replaced that figure for me, so I can comment on their customer service. For the most part it is very smooth and the employees are helpful and friendly. So the figure you see in the pictures is a replacement sent to me by Square Enix.

I do like how the plastic feels and the figure has some weight to it. However, the elbow pad broke right out the box, while I tried moving the elbow ever so slightly. That is so wack, since I’m always super careful with my figures and I was already aware of this issue. It already happened to one of my Snake figures before. It is an easy super glue fix, but it still sucks.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicI love how the figure looks with the robot arm, really unique. The robot arm is pretty intricate and feels very fragile. Without even moving it, the cable, that connects the arm to the body, came apart. Again, it’s an easy super glue fix, but damn it man! It feels like these figures should just come with a little tube of super glue.  I’m of the opinion that NECAs intricate and supper detailed figures feel less fragile. I’ve never had a Predator arm tube disconnect on me. And since they cost less, that just doesn’t add up for me.

All the little writing and logos on the armor are applied nice and clean. The figure actually looks like a female body in a Spartan armor. Wide hips, nice!

This figure has very nice head movement, I would almost say perfect. Love the butterfly joints in the shoulders, they add a lot of movement. It would have been perfect if PAK had sculpted the insides of the butterfly joints that come out. There is a lot of articulation in the right shoulder, very nice. The robot arm has good articulation, but, as mentioned before, the wire came right apart where it’s connected to the arm. Most of the joints are well hidden.Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It’s kind of disappointing that the hips are somewhat lose. The weakest part of this figure are the knee joints. They’re huge and not hidden at all. PAK didn’t even try to cheat by sculpting something on to the joints, they are just big smooth pieces of plastic, with a tiny knee pad on them. The ankles are somewhat restricted due to the armor. You can still do enough with them, but it really takes a lot of effort to get them in the desired position. The ankles also sort of have ratcheting joints, and I feel that the clicks are way too far apart. The diafram and the waist joint combined provide for some nice movement.

The figures comes with an extra set of hands, so Kat has a set of relaxed (rifle supporting) hands and a set of trigger finger hands. One of the relaxed hands has a peg hole for holding the grenade she comes with. But the peg on the grenade is so huge and the hole in the hand is so shallow, that it doesn’t really work. Kat also comes with a rifle and a pistol. Both look great due to the detailed sculpt and the decent amount of paint on them. However, I never really liked the Halo gun design, because of the enormous hand guard.Image and video hosting by TinyPic Both the gun and the rifle have pegs in them, that allow for storage on the figure. The peg on the rifle is removable and the one on the gun seems stuck (and now bears my teeth mark in it). The fact that the pegs on the grenade and the gun are not removable, is a big point of critique for me. These pegs look ugly when the weapons are not stored on the body.


ProsImage and video hosting by TinyPic
+ Very detailed and great sculpt on the armor.
+ Nice articulation
+ Well executed weapons
+ Really fun to pose

Less detail in sculpt from the waist down
Feels fragile is some places
Non-removable pegs in gun and grenade
No alternative unmasked head

In closing; this figure is somewhat of a mixed bag. Am I happy with it? Sure! Could the figure be much better? Most definitely. It looks amazing when you pose it around and has great articulation. But it also suffers from (minor) annoying quality control issues. Because of this, I don’t know if I can wholeheartedly recommend this figure. If you’re willing to take a chance on the quality control and you can find her for under €50,- (which should not be that hard to do), then I say; go for it.

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