Play Arts Kai MGS Peace walker Kazuhira Miller Review

I had this figure for quite some time now, but never came around to opening it. As you all know, Metal Gear V comes out in less than a month, and I’m feeling excited about it, big time. So I felt it was good timing to open this guy up.
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I really like the older PImage and video hosting by TinyPicAK boxes, in which the figure is clearly displayed and well illuminated by the windows on the top and sides of the packaging. If you are a MIB collector, which I’m absolutely not, I’m guessing this packaging is great for you. You can just display it as is.

I really like the dominant yellow color on the box, it’s the same color that was used on the manual that came with the Peace Walker video game. I love little details like that. The graphics across the windows are less obtrusive then, for example, on the Halo Reach figures, so that’s a good thing.

The figure
Kaz his head wasn’t properly attached, so it fell right off while taking the figure out of the packaging.
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No big deal since it’s interchangeable, but the plastic of the hair and collar is very hard. The collar and the hair get in the way of each other. I could not get the head onto the body to stay there. I had to heat up the plastic of the hair sculpt and bend it outward to make it fit and allow some range of motion. It’s still not great, maybe I’ll try bending the collar inward. Kaz his head sculpt is very well done, great detail, and to me he looks like the in-game model. Unfortunately I don’t really like the heavy airbrushing on the face, the dark areas make it appear as if Kaz has blush on his cheeks. Luckily the shades hide most of that. The skin has a nice texture, which prevents it from looking like plastic. The little peg holes next to Kaz his ears, for holding the sunglasses in place don’t jump out at you too much. But they are very useful for the shades, so I’m happy that they’re there.

The sculpt of the outfit is very well done. Nice wrinkles and textures all around. Too bad that the belt and the boots look flat, compared to the rest. The boots are shiny and would greatly benefit from a couple of different paint finishes. I miss some “dirt” dry brushing.

Another point of critique is that the “Militaires sans frontieres” patch on the shoulder is somewhat sloppy, it has some scratches on it.

Some joints were stuck. I don’t recommend forcing them to try and “pop” them. This is not a Marvel Legend, the joints will break if you put too much pressure on them. An easy fix is to apply boiling water to free all the joints up. But be careful.
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As mentioned before, the hair, in combination with the collar sculpt, severely limits the articulation of the head. The head keeps popping off if you try to move it “too” far. You can cheat by popping the head off and putting it back on at the desired angle, but it doesn’t turn smoothly. All other articulation feels limited as well, but is serviceable enough to get Kaz in some cool poses. Let’s say that it’s good enough. I do really like the wrist and shoulder articulation, it’s very functional and well hidden. Except for where the watch hinders the left wrist. The hip joints are somewhat hindered by the long jacket, but it’s not too bad. The oldskool knee joints that Kaz has are just horrible. They provide for a good range of motion, but they are truly horrendous. And huge! But if you keep the figure in some “leg neutral” poses, it looks great. Ankle articulation is also just good enough to not be called limited.

Kaz comes with an alternate head. I love figures that come with more than one head sculpt. It’s like getting two figures for the price of one. The secondary (masked)head is sculpted nicely and, for the most part, painted well. Just some sloppiness in the eyes and eyebrows, this could have been much better. I’m not sure if this head is supposed to be Kaz, I’m guessing that it is, since he has the same blue eyes. I just find it weird that the hair didn’t transfer to the second head sculpt, and it doesn’t look like it’s been tucked underneath the mask. Either way, it looks cool and menacing. But it’s kind of out of place with the rest of Kaz his attire. The outfit he is wearing is not exactly combat ready, so it’s in somewhat of a contrast with the battle mask.
Image and video hosting by TinyPicWhy Square Enix decided to give Kaz two identical shades is beyond me. (not complaining, I’ll see if I can give the extra shades to one of my other PAK figures) The sunglasses do look nice and fit on the unmasked head very well. The “glass” is even translucent, bonus points for that. Kaz also comes with two weapons; a M16 rifle and, what looks to be, a 9mm Beretta with an added iron sight. Both weapons are sculpted with lots of details and the paint is serviceable. I especially like the hard plastic that the M16 is made of. Finally Kaz comes with a set of alternate hands. A relaxed (supporting) left hand and a right trigger finger. The extra set of hands hold the weapons perfectly.

In closing, I highly recommend this figure to any Metal Gear fan. Not a lot of people played the Peace Walker game, since it was a PSP exclusive for a long time. Because of this, not everybody might know who Kazuhira Miller is. But he’s a character with an interesting back story and I can only see his popularity rising, since he’s going to get a lot of screen time in Metal Gear V. I don’t think your collection would be complete without Big Boss his right hand man.  So it might be a good idea to pick him up while he’s still fairly cheap.

+Nice sculpt, very detailed
+Alternate head sculpt
+He’s a character from Metal Gear, this makes him cool by default

Limited range of motion in some of the articulation points
The giant ugly knee joints

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2 Responses to Play Arts Kai MGS Peace walker Kazuhira Miller Review

  1. cctopdork says:

    Thanks for checking this review out guys. I’m thinking of doing another Metal Gear PAK review before Metal Gear V comes out. Is there a specific figure you would like to see? I still have to open Cyborg Ninja, Peace Walker jungle fatigue and sneaking suit Snake, Rising white Raiden, MGS2 Raiden and MGS Liquid Snake.


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