Fant4stic Review

Sigh…… What in the world happened? Everything started out so good and then halfway through the film everything goes to poop. Let’s see what went wrong.

I went into this movie wanting to like it. The trailers looked promising and I do like Miles Teller.

The first half of the movie; great! Nice acting combined with good casting. For instance, I had no problem with Johnny Storm being black (by the way, Sue is the one that is adopted). Just like the other leading actors, Michael B. Jordan portrays his non- super hero half of the character nicely. Miles Teller plays the dorky young man very well. Down to the awkward little jog. And I especially liked the guy playing Victor von Doom, very nicely cast. I don’t think I saw this actor (Toby Kebbel) in anything before (after a round of Google; he’s the one that plays Koba in POTA and the crazy guy in RocknRolla, nice!). Anyway, he has great presence and charisma, and was such a promising villain. I was sure of it that Dr. Doom would be badass. The only thing throwing me off during the first half of the movie was the bootleg Morgan Freeman. What the hell is up with that guy his voice?

The humor was also present in the first half of the movie. Miles Teller (Mister Fantastic, although he is never referred to thusly in the movie) and Michael B. Jordan provide for some nice comic relief. Everything mentioned before now ensures that all the back stories are established quickly and in an entertaining manner and all the characters are smoothly introduced. So the buildup to the Negative Zone (Zero World in the movie) debacle is very promising. I was sure of it that this would be a smooth ride. The cool part with the powers was still ahead, what could possibly go wrong?

Well…. everything. Guys, I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that; the moment our protagonists travel to the Negative Zone (Zero World) the movie becomes boring and lame. The only thing that the movie still has going for itself, at this point, is The Thing (see what I did there ;)). I like how Ben Grimm was realized in his rocky form. Everything shifted when he moved, and it all just looked pretty cool.

But everything else? Come on. It all starts when this group of geniuses, that can built a teleporting device, all of a sudden start acting like a bunch of retards while inside the Negative Zone. “Oh, maybe it’s a good idea if we wander off this way…” “Oh, maybe I should just touch all this stuff I know nothing about.” Sigh… And after that, while our team of heroes has possession of sweet new powers, and you would think that things are going to be soooo cool now… Well, nope, it’s quite the opposite. This movie has our team (at this point not actually a team, but you know…) do some lame assignments for the government… Anyway, long story, short; I was still hoping for a cool Dr. Doom.

Enter Dr. Doom. Now I don’t want to bash this too much, because I know that actual people worked on this movie and I don’t want to hurt their feelings. Also, I’m aware of the fact that a movie design cannot be just like the design in the comics. BUT, did Dr. Doom really have to end up looking like some reject grey Power Ranger? Were there even adults in the room when these decisions were made? I cannot imagine that somebody, who actually likes the Fantastic 4 comics, worked on this design. It’s really a bad thing to mess up such an iconic villain as Dr. Doom.  Such a disappointment.

So, in closing, I want to say that the movie ended in one big anticlimax. And there is no after-credit scene, so don’t waste your time. Or your money, I don’t recommend seeing this in theaters. What a shame 😦

What did you guys think of it? Let us know in the comments below.

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4 Responses to Fant4stic Review

  1. Thanks for the heads up, Really enjoyed reading it. Shame to say Ill be waiting till its ons treaming to see this!

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  2. BD says:

    Haven’t seen it yet, but I can’t understand how they screw things up like this when there’s hundreds of millions on the line. On the other hand the previous movie installment wasn’t that popular to start with…

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    • cctopdork says:

      Thank you for your comment BD.
      The sad thing is that this movie will probably still make its money back, since a lot of people went to see it out of curiosity to how bad it really is haha.


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