Terminator Genisys Review

Arnie, you’re still the fucking bomb!

Let me start by saying that this film felt like a complete nerdgasm. To me it was a nostalgia rollercoaster from start to finish.

I will not be going into the story at all, but I love how they explain the Terminators aging. It doesn’t feel farfetched or forced at all. And without saying anything else about the story, it’s great how all the different timelines are weaved together and I didn’t roll my eyes once at anything that was being explained.

At a point the film introduces so many cool bits from the previous Terminator films (and even the old Dark Horse comics) that I had a big grin on my face for like 30 minutes. It’s just so great to see the T-800 in action again! Also, it never gets old to see Arnie his battle damaged face with the endoskeleton peeking through. Talk about historical cinema magic!

What this movie doesn’t have going for itself, is the chemistry between Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor. Both actors are okay and deliver their parts convincingly. Emilia Clarke sometimes even looks reminiscent of Linda Hamilton. But when Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor interact, the movie just suffers so much! They feel awkward around one another and the constant “old married couple fighting” gets very old, very fast. The interaction between Sarah Connor and the Guardian Terminator is also weird at times. Sarah just turns into a whiny little teenage drama queen. I understand that the director probably wanted to emphasis the husband/wife and father/daughter relationships, but they didn’t have to lay it on that thick. So the films slower moments, where the characters have to deliver the dialog, are not great. Not because of WHAT is being said, but because of HOW it’s being said. Thank God for Arnie, who always steps in to safe the scene with some comic relief. I felt that all of Arnie his funny scenes were on point.

The final critique that I have for this film is that in the first act I felt that the chase scenes terminator_genisyswere not done perfectly. There were moments that I felt; “Great, he’s chasing them again, I get it!” I can’t quite put my finger on why I felt this way, because all the chase scenes were done in a very spectacular way.

I do love some of the themes in this film, especially the whole “always-connected-to-everything-and-have-my-face-plastered-to-my-phone-all-day” part. Scary! This did give Skynet a current day presence and relevance.

In closing, I just want to say that all the little Easter eggs throughout the film are just fantastic. I went to see the film by myself and almost had the need to slap the dude next to me on the knee and go; “Wow, look man, that’s the thing from T1!” My inner dorkness was that excited. Speaking of dorkness; I cannot wait for the action figures from this movie!

What did you think of the movie? Let me know in the comments below.


There is a after credit scene, which I feel was totally unnecessary and was the only thing that felt forced.

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2 Responses to Terminator Genisys Review

  1. BD says:

    I thought it was a fun ride, with lots of nice references… “Come with me if you want to live…”
    Emilia Clarke reminded me of Linda Hamilton too at times, but in a good 2015 way.
    There were some timeline things which were left unclear (to me) but it looked awesome.
    The part where Arnie practices his smile (your top image) made me crack up, scary and funny at the same time.

    The thing I disliked most was the after credit scene, If they did not succeed then what did I watch the past 2 hours? I get that they want to continue the reboot but still…

    Loving your reviews btw, keep on dorking! 😉


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