Ant-Man Review

Wow! This movie is awesome! Dare I say this; I think I might have enjoyed watching this more than I did Avangers 2? No, no, hear me out….

After seeing the trailers I was actually pretty lukewarm about Ant-Man. I still wanted to see it, but it did nothing for me. Maybe because I don’t know too much about the Ant-Man character, maybe because Paul Rudd isn’t a very appealing actor to me. Or maybe I was subconsciously unimpressed with the potential powers Ant-Man could have.  BUT, as soon as the movie starts, everything is awesome!

The acting in this movie was so well done. I loved the casting. There are a lot of quit moments where the interaction and the chemistry between the actors is so smooth and natural. When Paul Rudd is with his crew, it’s all great comedy. And it works. Michael Peña was just hilarious to me. When Paul Rudd is with the original Ant-Man (Michael Douglas) and his daughter it’s all witty and passive aggressive humor. And all of this is right up my alley.

There is less action in Ant-Man than in your typical super-hero movie. And this is something the movie benefits from greatly. With a movie like The Avengers 2 (and a lot of other current action films) there is just so much going on. Halfway through such movies I start suffering from “explosion fatigue”. I just stop caring if another building blows up, or somebody gets beat up for the seventh time. With Ant-Man it’s different. Whenever there’s action, whenever stuff goes down, it means something. It made me appreciate all the action set pieces so much more. And a particular fight scene, between Ant-Man and somebody (no spoilers) is very well done.

The thing that probably impressed me the most, is how cool they made Ant-Man his UkCEIqspowers (and Ant-Man himself for that matter) look. The shrinking and the communicating with the ants is very well depicted. I came out of the movie thinking; “Yep, Ant-Man is cool, I need a movie Ant-Man action figure.”

The only gripe I have with Ant-Man, is that I was completely lost during the “I’m-getting-the-hang-of-my-newly-found-powers-montage”. I had no idea how much time that montage was supposed to represent. But this is really just a minor complaint.

Coming back to the Avengers 2 comparison; in my opinion Ant-Man has so much heart. It’s not as overly bombastic as Avengers and has much more room for small personal stuff, which benefits the character building.

Now I did not mean to poopoo on Avengers 2, because I really enjoyed that movie. I just wanted to use the comparison as a hyperbole to illustrate how amazing Ant-Man is. And I did not expect that going in. Highly recommended!

Oh yeah, there are two after-credit- scenes; one mid credit and one at the very end. So don’t leave until the very end.

What did you guys think of it? Let me know in the comments below.

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One Response to Ant-Man Review

  1. BD says:

    I completely agree! Ant-Man has a lot of heart. Avengers 2 was great too, but besides that it was about Ultron and some floating piece of rock I can’t remember much of it… The cast was good, watching Evangeline Lilly on screen never hurts either. Thought the Michael Peña story flash back parts with the voice over were really well done. Loads of fun, well worth the money.


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