Play Arts Kai Man on Fire Review

As I have probably stated in previous reviews; Metal Gear is my all-time favorite videogame series. Therefore I’m really disappointed that there is still no action figure line in my favorite scale (1:12 or 1:10). Luckily Play Arts Kai offers a decent character selection in their series of high quality figures.  This might be just wishful thinking, but I’m still hoping that my current toy company of choice, NECA, will pick up the rights to Metal Gear and bless us with a full line of figures. Until then, I will enjoy the hell out of these PAK versions.Image and video hosting by TinyPic Continue reading

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Deadpool Review

Guys, it is seriously a great time to be alive and be part of the “nerd community” (you know what I mean). Super hero movies are coming out left and right, we got an annual Star Wars thing going, there are TV series, we’re just being spoiled right now. This euphoric spirit stems from me being fresh out the movie theater, after watching Deadpool. Because not only is the quantity of “nerdy” entertainment impressive, with movies like Deadpool, the quality is also excellent. Continue reading

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Star Wars Black Series Kylo Ren Review

Even though the Star Wars hype is somewhat dying down, and the magazine covers are no longer adorned by our favorite characters from a galaxy far far away, I’m still very much in love with the Star Wars 6 inch Black Series figures. And since I have only taken a look at one of the figures from The Force Awakens, it is time to review one of the main characters from that movie. Enter Kylo Ren.Image and video hosting by TinyPic Continue reading

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Creed Review

The Rocky franchise is a series of timeless movies. The underdog story is just as relevant today as it was when the first film came out in 1976. I still re-watch the old movies from time to time and find them very entertaining. Can Creed breath new live into the franchise, or will it hit the canvas in the first round? Continue reading

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Star Wars Black Series Luke Skywalker Review

Ooh Star Wars, how do you get grown man to feel excited for toys, movies, video games, books as if they are little boys… It is amazing! The cool thing about Star Wars is that it’s something that you can get introduced to by your father (at least my generation). Being a little kid, I saw my Dad watching the Original Trilogy at home numerous times. This is how I caught the Star Wars bug. With the newest trilogy underway, I hope I can introduce my own son to the Galaxy far far away. So yeah, Luke Skywalker.Image and video hosting by TinyPic Continue reading

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NECA The Terminator Endoskeleton Review

This is the first Terminator action figure in my collection. Even though Terminator is one of my favorite Arnold movies, a close second to Predator, I was never attracted to the figures that NECA was putting on the market. These figures had almost no articulation, a mortal sin for an action figure. But NECA announced that they will revisit their Terminator line and release a series of figures with updated articulation. They started this “new” line with re-releasing the T-800 endoskeleton, since this figure already had a decent amount of articulation when it was released for the first time. Being a classic cinema character, I had to pick this toy up.Image and video hosting by TinyPic Continue reading

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SPOILER FREE Star Wars The Force Awakens Review

It is finally here! I don’t remember being this excited for any piece of pop culture in a very very long time. My expectations and level of hype for this movie were so incredibly high, that, while the release date inched closer, I started being afraid that the new Star Wars could do nothing else but disappoint. But as we all know; fear leads to the dark side and so, I found myself super excited heading into this film. To my delight, it did not disappoint one bit. Continue reading

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